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Partner Post: Grateful for Gardens

A little gratefulness can go a long way. We prepare for the holidays by making lists, sending cards and just being thankful for joy and thinking of what we can do for others. Something may not immediately come to mind —gardens.

So, take a moment today to reflect on the parts of the garden you can be grateful for. Think of what our gardens provide us, what gardening does to our mindset and how much we love being outside in the warmer days of the year.

Here’s our thank you:

Cutting Garden: The fragrant blossoms and vibrant colors that you grow help keep the garden thriving. You allow us to pick your flowers and create arrangements for our house guests to enjoy. With a little bit of flower-tone, you give our neighbors something beautiful to look at on their daily walks and give us joy every time we go outside. Thank you for growing big and beautiful for us to enjoy.

Vegetable Garden: We receive the fruit of our labor from you. You help us grow food to put on our table, to feed our families and friends, and also to feed our souls. Vegetable garden, you are where we put most of our hard work in over the summer. Tending to you as dirt finds its way under our nails, sun beats down our neck and our mind clears of all of the negativity in the world - at least for a moment or two. We provide you with garden-tone and in return you give us healthy and hearty vegetables to share.  Thank you for giving us a reason to gather together.

Containers: No matter how big or small, you bring us joy with your soft blooms and your interesting texture. Packed full of life and color, you welcome us home. Thank you for providing us with a place to be creative with endless options as the seasons come and go. We fill you with potting soil, plants and maybe even some figurines so you can put on your best show, and you never disappoint!

Trees: Thank you for being Mother Nature’s sunscreen and providing shade from the sun on the hottest days. You stand tall and proud in the yard. You provide us with clean air to breathe and enjoy every day. You give our homes more value. You do so much for us and only need little in return, love and food.

Walkways: Being able to walk through the garden and see the beauty of nature is something we shouldn’t overlook. Thank you for taking the beating from our feet and guiding us to where we need to go.

So to the garden, thank you for all you do. We will see you in the spring!

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