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Partner Post: Easy-to-Grow Flowering Plants from Spring Until Fall

Are you thinking of growing a flower garden this year? Growing flowers offers many rewards such as beauty, fragrance, and the pleasure of tending to live things.

You can create a colorful new visual for your yard by adding super blooming plants from Bloomables®, a new collection of Star® Roses and Plants’ best flowering shrubs, roses and perennials that are easy-to-grow for gardeners of any level.

These varieties of roses, crape myrtles, lilacs, hibiscus, salvia, and hydrangeas offer high reward in the garden. With over 80 different plants to choose from, the combinations are endless.

Whether you are looking for plants to display on your front porch or deck, or want impressive varieties for the garden, Bloomables® has it all. Bright colors, unique textures, and of course, striking blooms make this collection stand out!

Try adding these favorites for both color and fragrance to your garden.

  • Bellini® Crape Myrtles

This series of Crape Myrtles have a unique, small shrub size of about 3’-4’ h x 3’-4’h.  Super compact with an abundance of beautiful, tasty-colored blooms. Plant in full sun for a bright addition to any garden or container.

  • Pink Brick House™ Floribunda Rose

Pink Brick House™ is very compact with fluorescent pink flowers that bloom continuously from spring through frost. It thrives in both containers and the landscape. Grows well in zones 5-9.

  • Icecap™ Floribunda Rose

This compact rose has pure white flowers that are repeat-blooming. Beautiful, disease-resistant foliage. Excellent addition to a low-maintenance garden. Does well in zones 5-9.

  • Veronica Moody Blues® Dark Pink

Pink flowers continuously re-bloom until the first frost on this beautiful plant. Drought and heat tolerant, this variety grows exceptionally well in the landscape for season-long interest. Does well in zones 4-9.

This one-of-a-kind line-up is the only collection that focuses on the blooms and flowers of plants, allowing gardeners to have a garden that truly blooms all season.

To learn more about Bloomables’ varieties, garden inspiration, and where to purchase, visit

About the Author

Star® Roses and Plants is a family of brands that prides itself in being a one-stop-shop for growers, landscapers, retailers, and home gardeners. The company has been bringing great plants to the world’s gardens since 1897, and continues to breed and introduce breakthrough roses, edibles, and woody ornamentals. Their most notable brands include The Knock Out® Family of Roses, Drift® Roses, Bushel and Berry® and Bloomables®. Star® Roses and Plants is committed to bringing only the very best plants to market and making the gardening experience just a little happier as a result! Star® Roses and Plants is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball® Horticultural. For more information, please visit

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