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Partner Post: Berries in Patio Pots Are Berry Nice

Growing berries at home has never been easier or more delicious. Now there’s a collection of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries from Bushel and Berry® that can be grown in containers on your patio or deck. Delicious berries grown in decorative pots will be an attractive addition to your garden décor and your dining table. Container growing takes all of the hard work out of gardening.  Just add water, feed and enjoy.


Choose from seven varieties of blueberries that are specifically bred to be able to thrive in containers. Blueberries like acidic soil, so look for an acid loving potting soil mix. Growing blueberries maximizes small spaces and keeps fresh, nutritious fruit nearby.


Raspberry Shortcake® is a ground-breaking dwarf variety that is thornless and forms a rounded compact shape, perfect for patio pots. No need for a large space or staking with Raspberry Shortcake, which grows 2-3 feet tall.


Baby Cakes® blackberry is a thornless, dwarf variety, perfect for patio pots. In most parts of the country, Baby Cakes will produce fruit twice in one season. This will ultimately grow to 3-4 feet tall. Adding a trellis for support will help keep the plant in good form.

Potting 101

  • Choose a pot that is 16-inches or larger in diameter with a drainage hole
  • Fill the pot about 2/3 full with quality organic potting soil. Choose an acid loving mixture for blueberries
  • Gently slide the plant out of its nursery pot and loosen the roots all the way around
  • Plant it at the same depth as it was in its original pot, leaving two inches at the top for mulch
  • Water thoroughly, add more potting soil if needed
  • Feed regularly with an organic liquid fertilizer like Espoma’s Grow!
  • Set the berries in a sunny spot, afternoon shade during the hottest part of the summer is appreciated
  • Water regularly, but make sure the pot is well drained

All of the varieties in the Bushel and Berry® collection are self-pollinating, meaning that they do not require another variety to be planted nearby in order to produce berries, but planting more than one may further enhance fruit quality and production

Over Wintering

Bushel and Berry® varieties require little winter maintenance and can usually be left outside during cold months. Plants in decorative containers and planters are more at risk than plants in the ground. If your plants are in decorative containers and you have harsh winter weather, insulating the plant or moving the container to an unheated garage or basement is a good idea.

About the Author

Bushel and Berry® is a collection of easy to grow, exceptionally beautiful and delicious berry plants for the home garden. With many stunning and easy-to-care-for varieties to choose from, Bushel and Berry® is revolutionizing the way we bring food to the table. Learn more by visiting

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