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Partner Post: 3 Questions to Ask Before Signing Your Snow Removal Contract

Picture this—the morning after a huge snowstorm, your residents pull into the parking lot or neighborhood to find that your property maintenance service has already wiped the place clean. They can easily drive down the street or into a parking spot without thick snow drifts blocking them from their homes. 

Does that sound like a hassle-free dream come true? 

The only catch is that you’ll need to come to a written agreement with a reliable property maintenance service to do the work. So before you sign a snow removal contract from any business, ask these three questions to ensure your community receives the right services with the best terms possible. 


1. Is the contract all-inclusive? 

A snow removal contract should never discuss the service in vague terms. Instead, your contract should go into extensive detail, listing every service the property maintenance company will provide when a snowstorm affects your community.

Ask the company you’re considering the questions below if the contract doesn’t answer them:

  • Will the company also clear snow from walkways and steps as part of the agreement or only parking lots and streets?
  • Will the company provide salt and sand when needed or will the community have to supply it?
  • Can the property maintenance company clear snow during the snowfall or only after a storm is over?

These are all important questions to ask before signing a snow removal contract. When you and your neighbors are bombarded with a few feet of snow, you won’t be confused about the company’s responsibilities and you’ll know exactly what to expect from the removal process. 


2. Are there additional charges and price variations for different situations?

“The first three inches of snow are included in the price, but every additional inch is will cost an additional fee.”

This statement appears in many snow removal contracts. Remember that more snow means more time and effort for a property maintenance service, so they could charge you accordingly.

This is only one example of an extra charge you could encounter in the contract, so carefully read the fine print. That way you’ll know of any additional charges or price variations up front and avoid any surprises when it’s time to pay for services rendered.

3. Is the work high quality?

A quality snow removal service will also deliver quality work. They will execute on the contract to the letter and pay attention to the details. And they won’t take shortcuts that inconvenience you and your residents by piling up snow in empty parking spaces or leave unsightly tire tracks on grassy areas.

So before you sign a contract, research the reputation of the company to gain insight into their quality of work. Check local reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List, ask for recommendations from friends and peers, and look for information about the company’s accomplishments such as high profile clients, number of projects completed or years in business.

Also, simply asking the property maintenance company to explain their removal process will paint a clear picture of what they consider quality work so that you can evaluate whether their definition of quality matches yours.


By asking these questions before you sign any snow removal service contract, you’ll be ready for anything winter throws your way. 

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