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Partner Post: 10 Timeless Flowers to Beautify Your Garden

Your grandmother’s garden always feels like home: luscious blooms, sweet scents and peacefulness radiating off the flowers all set a scene you never want to leave - and it's all because of the classic plants that line every bed. 

Bring those memories to your own garden and enhance your wellness this summer by planting items on our our list of timeless flowers and fertilizing with Espoma’s Flower - Tone to ensure blooms stay luxurious all season long.

Top 10 Timeless Flowers

  1. Sweet Pea. Our first pick in the timeless flowers category due to their old-fashioned fragrance is sweet pea. They are a delicate flower with plenty of color, and just like certain fashion trends, the sweet pea never goes out of style. It is a climbing plant, so keep a trellis or a wall nearby to allow it to reach its full potential.

  1. Primrose. With over 400 varieties of primrose in the world, this flower has withstood the test of time. Its pastel yellow, white, and pink varieties add serene color to your garden that everyone will like. It’s one of the first perennials to bloom and can flower into winter as a low-growing flower.

  1. Heliotrope. Once you smell the sweet vanilla and almond fragrance of heliotrope, you will understand why it has been loved by many generations. It even dates back to the Victorian era. Often used as a border plant, this bloom will make your garden timeless. Heliotropes do well in container gardens, too.

  1. Four o’clocks. Thanks to its sweet, jasmine-like scent, this flower was featured in the 1876 St. Louis seed catalog. A garden essential and a favorite among many, it combines the beauty of foliage, the wonderful bloom, a diversity of colors, and delightful fragrance. They are a self-sowing plant, so monitor the seed pods to control spreading.

  1. Foxgloves. While foxgloves may have name variations that date back to 1847, its beauty and class has remained the same. The blooms are a stunning bell shape with splashes of color and freckles on the inside. Because Foxgloves are a biennial, you won’t see their flowers until the second year in the ground. They are self-sowers, so if you leave the stalks in, they will continue to bloom year after year.

  1. Morning Glory. Add some beauty to the walls of your home or garden with morning glory flowers. Its vines will climb and thrive by a trellis, fence, or a leaning ladder to add some beauty to anything. When choosing your variety, be sure to choose Ipomea tricolor, which is non-invasive.

  1. Poppies. From weed to historical symbol, poppies gained their popularity over time. They came to signify the difficult times of World War I and their beauty and strength has yet to fade. Their vibrant colors are difficult to overlook. Many are self-sowers, so plant them once and watch them come back for years.

  1. Peony. Peonies have been around for hundreds of years. They are low maintenance and require minimal effort. They’ll draw “oohs” and “ahhs” due to their big luscious blooms. Gardeners are spoiled with hundreds of hybrids to choose from for their own garden -not to mention, their abundant fragrance is timeless. 

  1. Bleeding Heart. Known as a classic cottage staple, the bleeding heart has captured many gardeners’ love.  Their romantic blooms develop quickly in late spring and last throughout the summer. They are the epitome of romance in shades of timeless rose pink and white.

  1. Hollyhock. If you need to add some color to your barn, cottage or white fence, hollyhocks are a perfect fit for bringing some beauty to a bland canvas. Their big blossoms in vibrant colors will grow five to seven feet tall. They are perfect for the back of a border or by itself, to not overwhelm the surrounding blooms. Plan accordingly as some varieties are perennials and others are biennials.

Ready to try something new? Use Espoma’s Liquid Bloom! plant food to give your favorite flowers the nutrients they need and to promote bigger blooms.

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