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Partner Post: How to Boost Your African Violets by Repotting

Does your African violet look a little too leggy? It can make the beautiful plant look a little sad. Have no fear! We’re here to help. Repotting your plant will give it the boost and refresher it needs to have beautiful blooms again. Even if your plant is healthy, it’s a good idea to repot it once a year with Espoma’s Organic African Violet Potting Mix.

Newly purchased plants will also benefit from repotting. Fresh soil will improve aeration and help to retain the right amount of moisture for your African violet. It even improves root growth. If you really want to show your African violet some love, feed it with Violet! liquid fertilizer. Always follow the directions on the bottle - more is not better when it comes to feeding your plants.

Steps to Repotting Your African Violets:

  1. Pick a new container. Keep in mind that the roots grow outward, not down – a shallow wide container will work better than a narrow tall one. It should also be slightly larger than the original pot.
  2. Fill the new pot with enough of Espoma’s Organic African Violet Potting Mix so the root ball will sit just under the lip of the pot.
  3. Gently remove your African violet from its pot. Give it a squeeze or light tap on the counter to help loosen it from the pot.  
  4. Center your African violet in the new container and fill with potting mix around the sides.  
  5. Water to help settle the plant. The best way is to soak the bottom of the pot in two inches of water and allow the roots to soak it up. Empty any remaining water after 5 minutes.  
  6. African violets don’t like water to touch their leaves, so if you can’t soak it, be sure to lift up the leaves before watering.
  7. Remember to add the recommended amount of Violet! liquid fertilizer to the water for an extra boost.

Repotting or freshly potting your African violets will increase growth and beauty!

To see this done in action, watch Laura replant her African violets in this video.

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