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Featured Ebook: HOA Welcome Packet Checklist

Moving into a new home is exciting. Meeting new neighbors, strolling through the neighborhood, and organizing a new space all contribute to that tingly-inside feeling. With a clean slate, new residents of a homeowners’ association (HOA) are eager to start fresh. And as community leaders, it’s the board of directors’ job to foster and nourish that positivity with a warm welcome.

To make a good first impression on behalf of the board and the community at large, it’s best practice to promptly deliver a welcome packet, or a homeowner’s manual, when a new resident first moves in. A keepsake residents will likely reference again and again, a welcome packet should include all the information, resources, and tools needed to make HOA life enjoyable.

At Associa, we’ve spent more than 43 years assisting board members as they walk HOA owners through their new surroundings. To help board members draft a welcome packet that’s both useful and user-friendly, we’re providing a welcome packet checklist. Download our ebook to create a comprehensive resource for each new homeowner in your community.