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Featured Ebook: A Sample RFP for Your HOA Certified Public Accountant Candidates

Every homeowners’ association (HOA) should have a certified public accountant (CPA) for proper financial management—especially during tax season. CPAs can help prepare tax returns, compile an HOA’s financial statements and relevant reports, review and analyze those statements, and audit for accuracy. 

To find the CPA that best suits your needs, your board must first draft and distribute a request for proposal (RFP), a formal document that requests a bid for accounting services. At Associa, our community managers have long provided RFPs to engage CPAs. We advise that your document include essential details about your community and its needs, expectations, and requirements.

To help you find a CPA for your association, we’ve drafted this sample RFP. Click on the link below to download it, add association-specific details in the appropriate fields, and use to solicit bids and information from your accountant candidates.