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Bulk Buys Save Communities Big Bucks

Keeping a community beautiful and functional requires a steady supply of products and services, which always makes up a significant line item in the budget. One of the best ways to save money on these purchases is by taking advantage of bulk pricing, and oftentimes, this benefit isn’t only available for items like light bulbs and cleaning supplies. Vendors you might not expect are willing to sell you more for less – even for services like roofing.

We asked a variety of our Associa Advantage partners how communities can benefit from buying their offerings in bulk. Here’s what they had to say. 


“Your outdoor public spaces are where your homeowners gather to socialize. Benches, tables, trash receptacles, pool furniture, playgrounds and more should be clean, attractive and inviting. If your property can show off its outdoor areas along with the other attractions, the property will be a pleasure to show to new home buyers and your residents won’t have to travel far to relax.

When budgeting and purchasing outdoor amenities, it’s important to consider the overall theme and functionality that you are looking for. Buying the items you need in bulk from one buyer allows you to work with a single consultant to help you properly mix and match the right styles and colors to best fit that special outdoor area. It also gives you access to the best pricing discounts. Keeping your residents at home is good for the community, and bulk purchasing with the right supplier is the way to go!”

-John Good
Administrative Manager, ParknPool Corporation

“There are several benefits in ‘buying in bulk’ when it comes to your property’s next roofing project. One of the benefits for having a total re-roof done as opposed to patching or spot replacement is the warranty. When a roof is repaired, a limited labor warranty and pro-rated material warranty is usually all that can be provided and only on that particular section, whereas a total replacement lends itself to longer transferable labor warranties as well as stronger manufacturer warranties. 

Also, there is the overall price per square foot. Just like in most industries, roofing material is a commodity. When you replace your entire property’s roof, you are able to take advantage of fairly substantial price breaks and a reduction in the cost of the material. When partnering with a national firm, these savings can make a serious and positive impact on the property’s long-term renovation budget.”

-Kevin Kirkwood
President, SRG Roofing

“Buying in bulk is a win-win for all parties when you can make a larger purchase commitment while also finding the right uses for your new supply. Multi-family and planned communities provide great opportunities to leverage bulk purchases because of the common use of standard flooring surfaces across venues and a calendar of capital improvement projects. You can achieve efficiency in cost, planning and scope of work when making flooring purchases if you consider all the possible areas you would like to resurface. To make it even easier, we even offer free site assessments, help you identify opportunities to buy in bulk and, in certain situations, warehouse product during gaps in your capital improvement calendar. We can also help place or resell oversupply if your fiscal plans change.” 

-John DeWees 
Owner and President, Denver Carpet & Flooring