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Featured Ebook: 8 Attainable HOA New Year's Resolutions to Make Right Now

As a board member of a homeowners’ association (HOA), it’s essential to set resolutions to improve the community early on so you have time to work towards those goals. While there may be many projects you want to tackle, choose resolutions that are well thought out, achievable, and will make the most difference for the association. To do this, consider using the SMART method, which stands for:
• Specific - Choose a specific goal that’s clearly defined. 
• Measurable - Measure your progress so you stay on track. 
• Achievable - Ensure your goal is realistically achievable based on your resources, like time and budget.
• Relevant - Ask yourself if this goal serves the community and its needs. 
• Time-based - Set specific benchmarks to keep your timeline in motion.
Prioritizing goals will not only enhance the community in the upcoming year but also set it up for a prosperous future. Download our ebook to learn the top eight goals for your board to consider and tips for achieving them.