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5 Ways to Effectively Curb Crime in Your Community

No matter how safe your neighborhood seems, keeping crime rates low is a top priority for any community – and one of the most important ways to curb crime is to get homeowners involved in stopping it. 

For 34 years in a row, Associa has sponsored National Night Out, an event that strengthens the relationship between residents and local law enforcement while rallying communities to take a stand against crime. In recognition of National Night Out, neighbors in communities across the U.S. and Canada come together every year for block parties, cookouts and festivals that include visits from first responders, safety demonstrations, youth events and more. The following takeaways from this year’s National Night Out will help you and your community work together to lower crime and keep your neighborhood a safe place to call home. 


1. Meet Your Neighbors. 

Knowing and communicating with your neighbors is highly valuable for local crime prevention. Encouraging homeowners to build relationships allows them to watch out for each other and alert the community about suspicious behavior. 

2. Invite Local Law Enforcement and  First Responders into Your Community. 

Getting to know the people who help keep you safe shows that you’re taking an active role in fighting crime.  If you didn’t host a National Night Out event this year, invite law enforcement and other first responders to visit during your next community event

3. Share Crime Prevention and Safety Information. 

Ask first responders how you can keep families safe in your community. Distribute this information  to homeowners as a part of your newsletter or on your website. 

4. Strengthen Police-Community Partnerships. 

Generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime efforts by encouraging homeowners to get involved. The more people work together, the more impact local efforts will have on curbing crime and keeping the community safe. 

5. Have Fun!

There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned block party to strengthen neighborhood spirit. Incorporate regularly scheduled events into your annual budget to encourage homeowners to become involved and invested in protecting the community. 


By taking these measures, your homeowners will become more engaged with where they live and the community as a whole will develop ties with law enforcement and the surrounding neighborhood. Together, these efforts form a true sense of community, which serves as an effective measure in curbing crime anywhere.