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10 Expert Tips for Fall and Winter Home Maintenance

If you own a residence, no matter where you live— whether you're preparing for colder temperatures or still walking around in shorts and flip flops —there are  regular maintenance tasks you should complete during the fall months to keep your home as functional and beautiful as possible throughout the changing seasons.

Here are 10 maintenance tasks that should be on your to do list this fall.

  1. Inspect windows and doors, both inside and outside. Be sure the seal around the window or door is not cracked or failing. Caulk cracks and install weather stripping where the seal has failed. Replace any broken window glass, too.
  2. Clean and replace filters in your heating system. If you have a gas heater, be sure to inspect the pilot light to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. You can contact your local gas and electric providers to schedule an inspection.
  3. Inspect, clean and repair fireplace elements, including the chimney and flue, especially for wood burning fireplaces.
  4. Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors when you change your clock in fall and spring for daylight savings time.
  5. Drain and flush particulates and sediment from water heaters. Sediment builds up and reduces heating efficiency, and in gas water heaters it can cause hot spots that will lead to premature failure.
  6. Trim trees away from home properly. Remove dead or broken branches.  
  7. Check eave or gable vents to ensure screens are intact. Rodents and other pests can easily make their way into warm, cozy attics through these access points if not properly secured.
  8. Clean and remove debris from rain gutters and downspouts to ensure proper flow and drainage. Gutter guards can help keep gutters debris-free.
  9. Inspect painted exterior areas. Any chipped or bare areas should be painted as soon as possible. Paint and surface coverings like stains protect components from damaging water intrusion and other damaging elements like pests.
  10. Inspect your roof or hire a professional to conduct an inspection.  Be sure that tiles are in good shape, areas surrounding protrusions are properly sealed and flashing is sitting properly.

If you are an owner in a homeowners, property owners or condominium association, be sure to refer to your governing documents for clarity about your maintenance responsibilities as an owner and the maintenance responsibilities of the community you live in.   

Properly maintaining your home will help protect your investment; regular inspections and maintenance will save you money in costly repairs down the road. A little time spent taking care of your home now will free up hours of sunshine!

About the Author

Lucinda Hoe, CMCA®, is the West Region Field Services Director with Associa OnCall. She oversees the Associa OnCall staff who provide building maintenance, janitorial, landscaping, lighting and painting services to protect, maintain and enhance our clients’ properties. She has received numerous accolades and commendations for her innovation, leadership and dedication to excellence such as, “San Diego State University Honors Women in Business” and Associa’s Individual Achievement Award.

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