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Rental Corner: Why Is the Form K (Notice of Tenant’s Responsibilities) So Important?

Form K is a form notifying the tenant(s) of their responsibilities residing in a strata corporation. The purpose of Form K is to inform the strata corporation that your unit is leased and provide your contact or your agent’s contact information to strata management for future correspondence.  

Another key reason for filing Form K is to ensure the tenants are aware of their obligations and agree to abide by the rules and bylaws of the strata corporation.  It is the responsibility of the landlord or their agent to provide a copy of the rules and bylaws of the strata corporation to the tenants.

If you are renting your unit in a strata corporation, it is important that you complete and sign Form K with your tenant(s).  It is a requirement under section 146 of the Strata Property Act for the landlord to file Form K with their strata corporation within two weeks of entering a lease.

Failing to provide Form K within the prescribed period, might result in fines to be levied by the strata corporation. Our licensed rental managers assist our investor clients in taking care of their Form K execution, which is covered in our rental services.  We also send Form K to the strata corporations as soon as the tenant(s) sign the form with their tenancy agreement.  We ensure our clients are worry-free!