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Rental Corner: Are You Ready To Free Up Your Time?

You have been managing your investment unit for a while. Everything went well until one day, when your tenant flooded the suite as he triggered the sprinkler head in the bathroom, with water pouring down several levels, causing extensive damage to neighbouring suites and common area of the Strata Corporation. It was an unforgettable experience going through the restoration process, dealing with the tenant, trades, insurance claims and the Strata Corporation. On another incident, a tenant caused extensive damage to your investment unit only to realize that you could have caught it sooner.

These incidents could occur to investor units anytime. Despite these being infrequent events, have you spared a minute to consider the complexity in the day-to-day management of your investment unit?

Do you find it a challenge to fill your vacant unit upon turnovers?  Do you know how to prepare an ad to attract prospects?  Do you know how to address noise complaints from your tenant or against your tenant?  Do you have reliable resources to handle any maintenance issues?  Do you have any problems in collecting rent?  Do you know when and how to terminate a tenancy?  Do you find it time consuming to solve any issues arising from the unit?  Do you wish you had someone else to take care of your problems?  

If your answer is YES to the last question, we are ready to help you care for your investment by looking after your unit rental process and to give you the peace of mind that your property is well taken care of.

Our licensed Property Managers will provide on-going communication and keep you well informed regarding the status of your investment, so you are still in control, while enjoying your free time!

Feel free to contact our Rental Division at 604-591-6060 to inquire about our rental services in the Lower Mainland, Or our website for online inquiries.