Great Job!

April 29, 2020

The below letter was received from a board president at one of Associa Mid-Atlantic’s communities.  The letter was submitted to the community newsletter and commends the work and dedication of the general manager, Carol Richard.  Great job, Carol! Keep up the hard work!

“My last message as President of Council 2019-2020 is one of thanks.  

Thank you to my fellow Council Members for giving of your time and energy so freely for the betterment of our home.  Your valuable seeds of time have borne the fruit of a fiscally healthy and stable Beaver Hill Community.  

But what Council did, and we did a lot, pales in comparison to what our General Manager, Carol Richard, did and is continuing to do.  During this time of crisis, Carol has been the steady hand steering our ship through seas of uncertainty.   We are so incredibly blessed that she is our Manager during this time.   While the whole world is upside down, Carol has worked tirelessly to maintain as much normalcy as possible for Beaver Hill residents.  Trash is collected, landscaping is being done, and contracts for the future (yes, Carol is negotiating with a new vendor for washers and dryers - Yay) are being negotiated.  Business as usual for Carol!  Peg has kept our office running, - fielding calls - making sure our bills are paid, in addition to her other duties.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I suddenly realized after drafting my message, I will be preaching to the choir.  The residents have gone out of their way to make sure I tell Carol "how grateful they are to her" and what an "amazing job" she is doing.   It occurred to me that Carol's colleagues should be made aware of her outstanding performance.

It is in times of crisis that the cream rises to the top.   A true leader emerges who provides comfort and solace to those who are finding it difficult to navigate this, our new reality.   Carol Richard is that comforting beacon that those of us in Beaver Hill are turning to.

Are there some complaints, few and far in between, of course.  But I was always taught to "consider the source".  There are, unfortunately, those residents who thrive on attention.  They just need to find something to pick on. The known "troublemakers".  But we take the good with the bad.   And the two or three out of over 800 residents seem like pretty good odds to me and proof of "A Job Well Done".

I can't express enough the sense of "normalcy" that greets us here at Beaver Hill everyday due to Carol's handling of our Campus.   It goes beyond words.  It is a feeling of well -being, yes, well being in this time of the pandemic.  

I am sure you all are getting bombarded with residents all over your complexes complaining about "something".    

It is so easy to pen a complaint, but people drag their feet in sending a compliment.  On behalf of The Council Members of 2019-2020 and the Residents of Beaver Hill, we wanted to make sure we sent you our heartfelt gratitude for the Exceptional Carol Richard and Associa.

Stay Well 

With Gratitude


President, Beaver Hill Council 2019-2020"

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