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e3 Champion: An Excellent Example of Customer Service

Each month, employee family members are selected as e3 Champions. E3 stands for: Every client. Every day. Every time. The e3 Champion Award rewards those who go above and beyond the call of duty for both internal and external clients. 

Nomination by Kathryn Davenport (McKay): Trang was nominated by one of her branch partners at McKay who recognized Trang’s attention to detail. This team member pointed something out to Trang a while back and she has been diligently monitoring it ever since. Trang  always gets an issue corrected or works on getting the issue corrected before this team member even has time to worry about it. Plus Trang always keeps her team members in the loop about important updates. Thank you, Trang, for being proactive and serving as an excellent example of customer service.