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e3 Champion: A True Ambassador of All Things Associa

Each month, employee family members are selected as e3 Champions. E3 stands for: Every client. Every day. Every time. The e3 Champion Award rewards those who go above and beyond the call of duty for both internal and external clients.

Nomination by Mike Thomas: Max Neves originally joined Associa as a Portfolio Manager and earlier this year he made the transition to Director of Associa OnCall Hawaii.  Since Max came onboard with AOC, he has worked tirelessly to improve the culture between Management and Maintenance within his offices - with great success! Max brings the perfect balance of construction knowledge, community management experience, and most importantly “heart” to the operations on the islands of Hawaii. Max is a true ambassador of all things Associa! He elevates employee morale to the next level with his genuine caring spirit and is consistently driving to do the right thing for our clients, customers, employees, and business.  If our new purpose statement (Serving others is our calling) required a mascot – Max would be at the front of the line. Most recently, the county had delayed distribution of a permit required to allow residents back into their homes. After numerous emails and phone messages with the County Permitting Department were left unanswered, Max took it upon himself to drive down to the office and express the impact this delay was having on our homeowners. Because of Max’s actions, the permitting has been expedited that will allow AOC to finish the work needed to return homeowners to their homes. Thank you, Max, for serving others so well and advocating for our clients!