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Board Member Spotlight: Mark T.

Get to know Mark T., president of Kellogg Terrace, a 204-unit community that has been managed by Professional Community Management for five years. 

1. Why did you choose to partner with Associa?

MT - Professional Community Management acquired our prior property management company.  After acquisition, nothing immediately changed, but we chose to stay with Professional Community Management to see how things would progress and work out.  Despite a rough transition and some bumpy periods, our board has been happy with Associa's services and personnel.  

2. What makes Professional Community Management stand out from other management companies? 

MT - Professional Community Management’s leadership team is very approachable and takes action when needed. For instance, we expect a lot from our property managers, and we had issues with one of our property manager's approach and communication style.  After meeting with the leadership team and explaining the situation and our community's needs, the Professional Community Management leadership team was able to put a plan together to address the issues and our concerns.  It took a few months to iron out all the issues and get to a solid working position, but Professional Community Management put in the effort and followed through on their commitments. In addition, Professional Community Management put in place a community website and system that allowed us to track work orders from homeowners and communicate with our residents more effectively.  From technology to approachable leadership, Professional Community Management stands out from other companies we have found.        

3. How has partnering with Professional Community Management improved your community?

MT - Yes, partnering with Professional Community Management has allowed us to recently complete the largest community improvement program in our history.  We embarked on a $5 million restoration project of all our dilapidated siding, which involved loans, project meetings, bidding, and periodic construction walkthroughs.  Our small board and community could not have done it without Associa's guidance, support, and steering.   Professional Community Management has the size, scale, and partnerships to do small and large projects.

4. What goals have you been able to achieve since partnering with Professional Community Management?   

MT -  Recently, we have been able to complete our largest capital project in community history, which was the exterior renovation of 28 buildings. The capital project took three years to complete and there were a number of zigs and zags to make it happen successfully, but Professional Community Management and team stood by us the whole way.  In addition to this construction project, we have been able to get our financial housekeeping in order with solid planning support and best practice advice.  Professional Community Management has given us the support and confidence to do what many residents in the community thought was impossible. Within four years, we have turned our community into the crown jewel in the area, and we have a lot more things planned for our future to take it to the next level. 

5. What advice would you give to other Professional Community Management clients? 

MT  -  I would tell other Professional Community Management clients to be proactive with their Property Managers.  Meaning, speak your mind and set expectations for what you want to accomplish in your community.  If your property manager is not able to accommodate your goals, do not be afraid to get Professional Community Management’s leadership involved and discuss the issues openly. The willingness to support our community and the actions taken by Professional Community Management has been a true, value added partnership with Associa.

6. What would you tell someone who is considering partnering with Associa?   

MT - If you are considering Professional Community Management, do your homework and compare services.   Knowing what you want and need from a Property Management service is key.  There are a lot of elements to consider besides price to make your community function well and look nice.  For instance, our community needed solid financial, legal, technology, and capital project experience.  Knowing what your service needs are is important to understanding when shopping, so you can go into a relationship with eyes wide open and manage proper expectations.     

7. How long have you been on the board?

MT - I have been on the board 4 years; one year as Treasurer and three years as President.  I call myself an accidental board member, as it was never really my intention to get so involved or even become the President.  I started off just wanted to understand what was happening in our community and trying to make a positive change.  I would encourage others to get involved and make a difference.  

8. How long have you lived in the community?

MT - I lived in our community for five years and moved fifteen years ago.  So, I have owned my residence for 20 years. I moved to South Orange county for a job change but kept the residence because we loved the area and community.

All responses were published with consent.