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A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

Interview with an Associa Mexico community manager.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Pedro Espinoza, I was born and raised in Baja California Sur, Mexico. I am an electromechanical engineer. My hobbies include going to the beach and my favorite sport is mountain biking. I have been with Associa Mexico for 2 years, and I am currently the On Site Community Manager for Casa Del Mar Phase 1.

What were you doing before you joined the Associa Mexico team?

I was working for a construction company for 3 years, as the electro-mechanical engineer supervisor.

What is a normal day for you as a community manager?

A normal day begins at 9 a.m. with a property walk to check and review if all the common areas are up to our community and board standards--to ensure everything looks good and is working well and ready for the owners.

What steps do you take to increase morale in the workplace?

It is important that I schedule department meetings (security, landscape, maintenance), as well as individual staff meetings, to listen and understand what their concerns are. Then I take the information and find ways to solve those issues. For example, from the department meetings, I have added lockers for the staff so they can have a safe place for their personal items. We have also made an area for staff to comfortably eat their lunch and take breaks, as well as providing drinking water. We make sure extra hours are being rewarded, and ensure they have the correct tools to complete their operations.

What has been your most challenging task as an onsite community manager?

My biggest challenge yet is in process at this moment. We are replacing four transformers. Each transformer supplies electricity to enter a building, so it is a big project that we would like performed with the best quality work and with as little time possible. In this moment, we have them installed (we had a huge crane to do so!) and now we need to place in the connection. We are on the last step, so as soon as it is done I know myself and the community will be happy.

How much interactions do you have with the board members and homeowners?

I dedicate 2-3 hours per day to work in the office, to answer homeowner and board member emails, to provide updated reports, and to contact homeowners if necessary. The rest of my time is spent on the grounds.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Associa Mexico team?

My favorite thing about being a part of the Associa Mexico family is that our local leadership team always recognizes the effort and good things we are doing, and when I need support they are available for my team and myself.

What is your goal as the Onsite Community Manager?

My goal for Casa Del Mar is to raise the bar in each aspect and to turn this community into one of the most prominent properties in Los Cabos.

About the Author

Melissa Eisenman is the Business Development Manager at Associa Mexico. With an undeniable passion for people, she naturally developed a love for public relations, sales and customer service. Her experience in the tourism industry has led her to live and work in beautiful cities across Mexico including Cozumel, Mazatlán, and Los Cabos, where she currently resides. She loves her role at Associa Mexico and the opportunity to welcome new accounts to the evergrowing Associa family.

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