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5 Star Champions | October 2020

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Duane Gamble Jr., RPM (Ohio)

Nomination by Aimee Myers: We received this email from a homeowner: Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Duane of Associa's repair team. Not only did he engineer an inventive way to segue our community’s notorious 4" down spouting into our 3” underground piping to carry rain away, he did it keeping in mind the aesthetics of the appearance. Kudos for a job well done and his inventive spirit!

5 Star Principle: Demonstrate Care

Alan Tate, Associa Mid-Atlantic (New Jersey)

Nomination by Marjo Miles: Alan Tate has been a tremendous resource for our team in New Jersey. He is a Community Director with a large portfolio of his own. In the spring he volunteered to continue reporting to the office when we went into a remote environment to take care of essential tasks. He provided support to many people during that time by navigating incoming mail, accepting deliveries and printing/mailing items that our team sent him. He continues to do a great job communicating with our team to let them know if something or someone comes into the office that requires their attention. While many of our fabulous employees have since joined Alan in completing these tasks, he continues to act as the main point of contact for the team in Mt. Laurel. We are forever grateful to Alan during this time.

5 Star Principle: Communicate Effectively

Cheyenne Fisher, Blue Mountain (Oregon)

Nomination by Carrie McGonagle: Cheyenne is consistently going above and beyond to serve our clients with positive results. Her dedication and spirit of service was illustrated in this client review by Joel McFarling: I would like to thank Cheyenne F. for her absolutely second-to-none service. I have had challenges with other companies that did not answer my questions. But that is not true about Cheyenne. She provided the kind of customer experience that would turn me from an unhappy customer into a loyal patron and advocate. She took the time to address my questions about the new application and payment services in a personable way that made me feel like I mattered. I appreciate her honesty and communication skill. Please accept my gratitude and appreciation, Cheyenne. We are so happy to have her on our team.

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships

Wiqar Shah, Associa Northern California

Nomination by Jennifer Freeman: We have a brand-new director, Wiqar Shah, and he is FANTASTIC.  He just stepped into this role a few months back, but you would think he has been doing it for years. He has been with Associa for 7 years but is shining more than ever in his director role. He hit the ground running and has already proven to be an outstanding leader. He makes sure everyone’s voice is heard and does a great job of training and guiding his team. With his leadership, this already awesome team will continue to thrive.

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership

Jeffery Agyemang, MRCM (Canada)

Nomination by Luanne Crilly: Jeffrey delivered 5-star customer service in all aspects, but truly "Owned the Resolution" for this client: I have been dealing with major problems on my front lawn since 1996.  Even with the support of my condo board, the problems kept getting worse.  The short version of various battles was dead tree removal, improper dead tree removal and retaining wall construction problems.  It finally became unsafe to walk on my lawn.  There was nothing I could do myself.  The equipment required could not even be rented.  The contractors involved had to change tactics on the fly as the problems became increasingly apparent.  Jeffrey was brought into this situation recently.  He was empathetic and helpful.  He navigated the board and neighbor politics in a timely fashion.  He personally spoke to me and the contractors.  The problems with my lawn have been repaired and should last a lifetime.  Thanks, Jeffrey.

5 Star Principle: Own the Resolution