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5 Star Champions | February 2021

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Ahmad Muhammed and Ahsan Jamil, MRCM (Canada)

Nomination by Craig McMillan: Ahmad Muhammed and Ahsan Jamil worked together to build the relationship with this community. I received the below email from a happy board member.

Ahmad has been a breath of fresh air for us.  He has a laid-back style (he doesn't get flustered easily) but is diligent in his duties.  We have a call with Ahmad every Monday and always provides updates and takes notes on new projects and issues.  He demonstrates good follow-up on work and keeps us informed of his progress. Ahmad has good communication skills and the staff feel like they are being included in the communication stream now.  After each board meeting, Ahmad meets with staff and reviews upcoming projects, decisions made, and what was discussed in the meeting that may have an impact on their work. Other feedback from staff is that he is quick to respond to requests and things are being done in a much timelier manner.  Ahmad is very approachable and are happy to work with him.

On the accounting side, Ahsan did a very good job of contacting suppliers to obtain copies of outstanding invoices and process those invoices to bring everything up to date.  Invoices are now being processed more expeditiously and we have not had any complaints from suppliers. Our treasurer has expressed that the coding of invoices has improved significantly and that she is feeling much better about the quality of the monthly statements we receive.  Several board members praised Ahsan at our last Board meeting.  We appreciate Ahsan's efforts in this important area and hope that he can continue assisting us with accounting matters.

Once again, thank you for your time and consideration of our needs and for choosing good people to turn things around.

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships

Jonathan Jerez, Evergreen Management (New Hampshire)

Nomination by Anne-Marie Reischer: Jonathan Jerez exhibits 5-Star Customer Service every day and his dedication really came through recently.  Evergreen received an emergency call that a client was experiencing a leak in the bedroom closet.  The unit is owned by an off-site owner and has renters that reside there.  In attempting to communicate with the tenant, it was quickly determined that they only speak Spanish and unfortunately could not relay the information to the coordinator or manager. They were very apprehensive about opening the door to just anyone. The Maintenance Coordinator (Lorri Morin) placed a call to our Field Technician, Mr. Jonathan Jerez, who already had a full schedule that day, to assist her. Jonathan is very fluent in Spanish. He took the time out of his busy day to help translate for the tenants. He showed the tenant compassion, understanding, and patience. He made them feel comfortable with what was happening.  He translated many back and forth conversations between the office and the tenant.  In the end, because of Jonathan's 5-Star Customer Service, he became a vital part of getting the leak issue resolved quickly and professionally. Evergreen Management is proud to have him on our team.

5 Star Principle: Demonstrate Care

Cheryl Lovett, CSSC (Texas)

Nomination by Michelle Boeck: Cheryl Lovett is a member of the Urjanet Utilities team at the CSSC. She provides outstanding support to her team as well as all our branches. A portion of her job includes reaching out to the branches when we are missing a utility invoice to make sure we get the invoices paid timely. The entire CSSC Utility team relies on her expertise often to make sure all the utilities on the Urjanet program are set up properly and working as efficiently as possible. When something is needed, she is always the first to jump in and help. She has come up with many ideas on making our process run smoother and I think she exhibits everything that makes a 5-Star Champion.

5-Star Principle: Own the Resolution

Rachel Perry, Wilson Blanchard (Canada)

Nomination by Melissa Kirkaldie: Rachel’s experience and positive attitude provide her team of managers with the effective and efficient support that they require for their busy portfolios. Rachel is always offering to help when others are struggling. She is also an extremely valuable member of our office social committee, always going above and beyond her role to keep employee morale high. Thank you for everything you do, Rachel!

5-Star Principle: Exercise Leadership

Joahn Dehart, Associa Minnesota

Nomination by Michelle Boeck: Joahn recently created a snow presentation video for her community to set expectations during snow removal. This was a creative way for Joahn to communicate effectively. This was extremely well received by her communities and her board members had the following to share with us regarding Joahn's efforts:

Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us every single day.  Your respectful and kind communication is a true gift. Your continuous encouragement  and support make life safer, easier and more enjoyable.  

Many thanks for all you do. What a wonderful representative you are, especially with being in the middle is an extremely stressful and difficult position to work in.  Thank you for wanting to help and for doing it so well.

Congratulations!! Thinking of you and wishing you and your family the VERY BEST in life.

I wanted to express our sincere thanks for your tremendous response after I had reached out to you about our concern on the snow blocking our storm drains near our driveway.

We sure appreciate you taking action and following up on our matter.

5-Star Principle: Communicate Effectively