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5 Star Champion: Robert Keller

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Gloria Magale: The only thing certain in these uncertain times has been the leadership of Rob Keller, the General Manager of Southport on Cape Cod in Mashpee, MA, the premier 55 plus active adult community in New England.  When the pandemic hit, Rob’s instincts were instrumental in persuading his board to close the common buildings twelve days prior to the Governor of Massachusetts issuing the same.  Not an easy decision at the time to shutter the hub of the social life at Southport, the 33,000 square foot Village Center, that thrives with daily offerings for the residents of the 750 homes.

A major exterior envelope project on three hundred and ninety-six (396) homes had just commenced at Southport. Rob knew there was a real need to take control of the messaging to the community.  Rob wondered how he could leverage the deep sense of community that exists at Southport while providing constant, clear and effective communication in these now uncertain times.  Rob brainstormed and created Southport Strong, a communication initiative to accomplish everything above.  With the newly created logo and masthead placed on the email letterhead, the first issue of Southport Strong was sent on May 2nd.  

To say this was an immediate success would be an understatement.  This initiative has been so effective that forty-one (41) editions of Southport Strong have been produced and sent to the community.  Owners are feeling included and valued by seeing their questions and concerns published with timely and well thought out answers from management and the board.  The maintenance and grounds crews proudly wear the Southport Strong logo on their summer uniforms, forging the sense of community as they are seen around the campus.

Rob always says that if people are wondering what you are doing, you aren’t doing your job.   Not the case here with Rob.  He is taking the lead, and everyone is energized by his leadership and commitment to the community.   

5 Star Principle: Exercise Leadership