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4 Key Benefits of Online Meetings

Saves Travel & Time

Let’s face it, we live in a hectic world!  We often feel there aren’t enough hours in a day to complete all the action items on our daily “to-do list."  Most people these days would agree that time management is one of the biggest challenges we face in both our personal and professional lives.  At Associa BC, we embrace the amazing technology humanity keeps inventing and we envision that this new age of innovation will enhance our lives.  Imagine not being stuck in traffic, and not having to spend time, money, and energy driving to meetings. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fewer vehicles on the road, reduce our carbon footprint, and spend quality time with our families while reaping the benefits of reduced stress? While there is a lot to be said about a personal touch and face to face meetings, in recent months, we also discovered the positive benefits of how beneficial online meetings can be.  The feedback from many of our clients and strata managers is very positive.

Productivity Enhanced

Efficient workflows are what both council members and strata managers are aiming towards.  As we are accountable for the residents in our buildings we manage, our goal is to keep their largest assets operating smoothly.  The time we all save with on online meetings will allow strata managers, council members, caretakers, and committee members to be more productive.  Instead of driving in traffic rush hour, we can use that time to address the important strata business such as council meeting minutes and action the directives from councils. 

Easy Access

No matter where you are worldwide, you can log on and access the online meeting platform from your computer or phone.  Technology is finally made easy for everyone!

Increases Engagement

Sharing your screen to show your “pie charts?!" No problem! Do you want to pull up the draft budget and work on the excel spreadsheet together?  It takes a couple of clicks!  The amazing visual features will keep the team engaged and on task. 

The Associa BC Team is proud to offer the online meeting platform to all our clients to further enhance our added value services to your community management.