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2021 October 5 Star Champion: Ken Knapp

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Kara Hardy: Ken is the Facilities Maintenance Manager at The Colony, an onsite 55 and better community with 1586 homes and an extremely active event schedule. While the Clubhouse was closed from Covid restrictions, Ken took advantage of an empty Clubhouse and undertook many maintenance projects. Additionally, he often visited the Clubhouse to help cover employee lunch hours due to the staffing shortage.

After a full year without community events, when we reopened, the team has been extremely busy planning events. They still aren’t fully staffed, and as you can imagine, this could bring stress upon on any team. However, Ken has kept his team motivated and encouraged to continue providing unsurpassed customer service and dedication to the community. During Labor Day weekend, his team held a bingo event with 100 + attendance on Friday, a live music event on Saturday with 200+ attendance, and a party on Sunday with 300+ in attendance. Ken showed up for every event to ensure the setup was complete and his team had the support they needed to complete the job.

In addition to supporting his team with events, Ken is also responsible for major contracts going to the board for approval. During this past year, Ken has worked tirelessly to insure the board and residents continues to receive the very best customer service! 

5 Star Principle: Build Relationships