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Bringing HOAs into the Future: 5 Ways Technology Can Improve your Community

Emerging technologies like the internet and cell phones have shifted how we function in most aspects of our lives and created heightened expectations towards effectiveness and efficiency.

And although the impact of technological advancement can be felt in pretty much every industry, many community associations are reluctant to leverage it to improve the way they handle community duties like printing statements or paying dues—citing cost and complexity as two of the main deterrents.

But, the truth is, management companies offer many technologies—from software to hardware— that are affordable, easy to implement and can still help bring your community up to speed. Here are five ways that technology can improve the community experience for board members and owners:

  1. Create more transparency.

Homeowners want to know that their board is actively working to better their community. Rather than leave document access to chance, create an overall sense of trust and transparency by using online document storage so homeowners can easily access important information and communicate with key stakeholders.

  1. Increase security.

Community associations are responsible for protecting sensitive information about homeowners, so any opportunity to improve data security is always welcome. Technology platforms that provide guest authorization and customizable account access for different types of community management team members like attorneys and maintenance vendors gives residents peace of mind that their homes and data are secure.

  1. Execute faster payments.

One of the simplest changes you can make to improve your community experience is simplifying the payment process for residents and vendors. Offering online payments streamlines the payment process for you by reducing paperwork - plus when you make payment transactions easier, you can reduce delinquencies from residents and ensure vendors are paid on time.

  1. Meet homeowner expectations.

Because of technology, everything – from grocery shopping to visiting the doctor— has become more efficient and convenient. With community living platforms that allow online service requests, account management features and community poll options, community associations can now offer the same convenience homeowners experience in all other areas of their lives.

  1. Reduce liability.

Many local laws require the board to ensure residents can access HOA documents. Without digital storage options, residents may not be able to find minutes, records from annual meetings, proxies and other important documents and information. With online document storage, records and processes can be tracked and accessed by current residents and future board members—ensuring the community continues to run smoothly.

About the Author

Erin is a regional sales director at Colorado Association Services. She has built the last six plus years of her career in the association management industry with Associa. She has energetically worked her way up through the company, serving in many positions from assistant manager to community manager and finally a director of management services, overseeing our Texas branches before moving to Colorado.

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