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Management Corner: What You Should Know About the Association Non-Compliance Letter

As a member of an HOA, you have a responsibility to occupy, maintain and use the property in accordance with the Rules and Regulations (R&Rs) you agreed to abide by at closing. Although they may seem cumbersome, these rules serve the purpose of increasing property values and preserving homeowner relationships. The success of a community is determined by how effectively each member meets and keeps the responsibilities that are established.

Occasionally, residents may neglect to uphold their agreement. We understand some homeowners might not have read the documents before purchasing or have forgotten exactly what was stated. If this is the case, and a provision of the R&Rs is violated, you may receive a non-compliance letter. If you do receive a non-compliance letter, please keep the following points in mind:

1. Management is just doing their job by sending them out.

As a legal entity, the HOA is required to mail a very legal-sounding letter and include certain language that may not sound so nice.

2. The letters aren’t intended to threaten or harass.

The initial letter is simply a notification that’s intended to remind homeowners of the policies that are in place, outline your rights, and inform what the next steps will be if the situation remains in non-compliance. If you agree you’re in non-compliance, simply correct the issue and let management know it has been resolved. If you disagree with the subject of the letter, contact management and explain why you feel the letter was sent in error.

3. Your home wasn’t singled out.

All members of the community are expected to follow the R&Rs – no one is exempt, including board and committee members.

Do you have any questions for the management experts about non-compliance letters? Share them in the comments and they may be featured in future blog posts!


About the Author

Jesse Dubuque is a General Manager for Associa Minnesota overseeing a large Master Planned Community. He works tirelessly to provide superior communication and customer service to his clients. Jesse has been a licensed Realtor® in the state of Minnesota since 1999 and has been happily employed by Associa Minnesota since 2008. He has achieved the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designations.

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