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Scout’s Story

As a young pup, Scout spent his days exploring the neighborhood with his best friend, Zach. Zach was a curious little boy who was always getting into dangerous situations. Lucky for Zach, Scout was constantly looking out for him and guiding him in the right direction. In fact, that's how Scout got his name.

To keep Zach healthy and out of trouble, Scout introduced him to sports. Scout knew that exercise helps keep kids strong and fit, so he was always scouting out new ways for Zach to stay active. He even got him to try karate and ice-skating.

After Zach grew up, Scout wanted to continue to help kids. One day when Scout was out for his afternoon walk, he saw a group of kids hanging out on the corner of a busy street. He thought they might have more fun, and be safer, if he could lead them to a better place to play. Scout started barking and guided the kids to the neighborhood playground. When they saw where Scout was leading them, the children cheered, clapped and thanked Scout for showing them a fun and safe place to play.

Scout loved helping kids again so much that he decided he would travel to more communities and teach kids about safety and encourage them to try new activities. Now he travels all over the country scouting out new ways to keep kids active and safe at home and around their communities.

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