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FAQ: Do HOA Board Members Get Paid?

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All homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are required to have a board of directors to act on the community’s behalf. The board is responsible for overseeing operations and setting the community up for success.

As the community association industry leader, Associa has decades of experience partnering with HOAs and answering questions about HOA living. “Do HOA board members get paid?” is one of the top questions we receive. Read on to learn about the board of directors, if board members get paid, and more.

About the HOA Board of Directors

HOA boards are comprised of volunteer residents elected by fellow neighbors. The board consists of the HOA board president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and other officers. While it varies by community, HOA board responsibilities can be distilled into three categories:

  • Enforcing governing documents. All residents must abide by their HOA’s governing documents, which contain key information about the association, including operational guidelines, rights, rules, and regulations. Board members must enforce them consistently and fairly to maintain harmony and protect property values.

  • Managing finances. Residents pay regular HOA fees to fund operations, amenities, and more. Board members are tasked with managing these funds and making smart financial decisions. 

  • Maintaining common areas. Many HOAs offer amenities like walking trails, tennis courts, pools, and clubhouses. Board members have a duty to keep these spaces well-maintained and functional by monitoring upkeep, reserves, inspections, and vendor partnerships.

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Do HOA Board Members Get Paid?

No, homeowners’ association board members don’t get paid unless otherwise stated in the governing documents or relevant laws. Board members are considered volunteers and aren’t compensated for their work or receive special perks or financial benefits.

Despite not getting paid, board members are held to the same standards as all other HOA residents and must follow the rules, pay dues, and act in the community’s best interest. As always, if you have questions or concerns about board member payment, contact your community association manager or attorney.

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Why Serve on the HOA Board, then?

While HOA board members don’t get paid, the role does come with many rewards. Here are four reasons you should join your HOA board of directors:

1.     You can make a difference.

The main purpose of an HOA is to ensure your community is a great place to live. Board members play a big part in this by making key decisions and leading the community. If you want to make a difference and create change, serving on the HOA board is for you.  

2.     You can build relationships.

Board members are responsible for encouraging participation and cultivating camaraderie and togetherness, which means they spend a lot of their time building relationships with neighbors, management staff, and vendors. Board members must communicate with residents and other parties regularly, ask for and address feedback, hold meetings, and plan community events. This frequent interaction leads to more connections in the community.

3.     You’ll protect your investment.

People often buy properties with an HOA because of the consistent property values. Usually, property values stay high because of the work of the board. Tasked with protecting and enhancing the community, board members are directly involved with maintaining the community’s appearance and ultimately boosting property values.

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4.     You’ll improve your leadership skills.

HOAs are non-profit corporations that operate similarly to other companies. Like business executives, board members are leaders who manage finances, negotiate contracts, set goals, solve problems, and host meetings. Board members learn valuable professional skills that can be transferred to many industries. Plus, board members can list their role on their resumes for a professional edge.  

HOA Board Member Requirements

If you want to take the leap and join your board of directors, there are a few HOA board member requirements. Every community and state are different, but in some areas, you must possess the following qualifications to join the HOA board: 

·         Own property in the community and be a member of the HOA

·         Not have outstanding fees, active violations, or involvement with HOA legal issues

·         Not be a co-owner or have familial relations with another serving board member

·         Be at least 18 years old

Your governing documents will thoroughly outline all HOA board member eligibility requirements. Consult your community manager or association attorney, if needed.

Answers to Other HOA Questions

We’ve answered the question: Do HOA board members get paid? They don’t, but there are countless other reasons to serve on your HOA’s board, including to build relationships, protect your investment, and improve leadership skills.

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