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Associa Releases COVID-19 E-Book Resource for Boards

Dallas, TX—May 14, 2020—Associa, the industry’s largest community management company, recently released an educational COVID-19 resource ebook titled 10 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions for their client boards.  

Community associations across North America are facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help clients combat these issues, Associa asked leading attorneys from impacted markets in the United States and Canada to answer frequently asked questions about community associations and COVID-19.

Answering questions about board powers, communications, meetings, infected residents, assessments, and other community management issues, Associa developed an informational ebook to help board members better understand their roles and responsibilities amid the current health crisis.

“We know that the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 is posing many unforeseen challenges for community associations and their board members,” stated Andrew Fortin, Associa senior vice president of external affairs. “Associa continues to partner with industry-leading professionals to help answer the tough questions and share fact-based and up-to-date resources to assist board members in making informed decisions for their communities.”

To view the e-book, click here.

This document is provided for information only. The goal is to provide boards a framework for making decisions related to the current COVID-19 crisis. Nothing in this document should be considered legal advice. For a legally reliable opinion, please consult with your association counsel.

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