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Hosting a Realtor Event Part 2: 6 Tips to Grow Your Gathering

First you may ask yourself, why would we want to host a realtor event? To that I would say, do you ever need a reason to host a party? They are fun, community building events. But hosting a party to bring in realtors to your community will not only be fun, it will help increase property values and make your community very attractive to potential buyers. Just imagine a realtor on a showing saying to their client, “I was here last year for a community event; the homeowners are welcoming and fun and I think this would be an amazing place to live!”

Once a community is built there are only so many amenities you can add to it. If you don’t already have a pool or playground area they are very expensive to build. So to really enhance the property you can make it a fun place to live with community events! 

That’s why you should plan community events, and what better way to get a buzz going than hosting a realtor event to show off your community and build value in the process!

What will you need to attract realtors to your event? Here’s six things to help bring the realtors:

  1. Food. Duh. Who doesn’t like food? For an easier time with preparation (though possibly a little spendy) consider using food trucks. The food truck industry is booming all over the country and you’ll have a wide variety of options. Combine your event with a charitable cause and many times you’ll find a food truck willing to donate a portion of the profits to your cause!
  2. Free education! Realtors always need continuing education (CE) credits. Look to local attorneys that specialize in HOA law and they may have presentations available that qualify for CE credits and may be willing to come and give their class for free for the opportunity to meet a large number of potential clients themselves.
  3. Items that will help their business. Your community will be filled with local experts and business owners, so put together a mini-trade show along with other local information only your neighborhood knows to share with the realtors that come, helping them build their local knowledge.
  4. Opportunities to network. Contact local businesses and association vendors for sponsorships and invite them along, too. Combine with neighboring communities to make the party larger and attract more people for everyone to meet. Sponsorships have one other important aspect to them: they will help reduce the cost of the event! Allow your vendors to put on informative presentations for their industries; they will love the exposure and happily pay for the opportunity.
  5. Did I say food? Don’t forget beverages! Add something simple such as root beer floats to make any event more fun!
  6. Door prizes. As part of your sponsorships ask for door prizes to give away in drawings, tie them into fun games, or add them to simple group competitions. Have a scavenger hunt page with question for each vendor or sponsor so everyone has to visit and learn about their business to make it fun and informative at the same time.

Once you have your party planning committee set and a simple brochure created, send it to all the real estate offices in your city!

If you throw a party, they will come! 

About the Author

Jesse Dubuque is a General Manager for Associa Minnesota overseeing a large Master Planned Community. He works tirelessly to provide superior communication and customer service to his clients. Jesse has been a licensed Realtor® in the state of Minnesota since 1999 and has been happily employed by Associa Minnesota since 2008. He has achieved the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designations.

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