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Orkin Pest Control

Since 1901, Orkin has been pioneering innovative pest control solutions, starting with enterprising 12 year old Otto Orkin who freed his family farm of rodent issues through careful observation and trial and error testing. His methods included everything from firearms to poison tucked inside sandwiches. This first pest control success taught Otto a lesson that we have built our pest management solutions around for the past hundred years: a deep knowledge of pest behavior is absolutely critical to managing them effectively. You simply cannot do what we do without understanding the science of pests and knowing why they do what they do. With that lesson in mind, we have invested in award-winning training programs to make sure that The Orkin Man™ is one of the most knowledgeable pest experts in our industry. We put resources toward training technicians in the science of pest biology and behavior, because we know that deep scientific knowledge of pests and thorough understanding of each customer’s unique needs helps The Orkin Man™ develop a plan that works just for you. Our innovative approach to Integrated Pest Management applies the latest technology and our thoroughly trained technicians, so you get maximum protection with minimum exposure. Plus, you can rest easy knowing The Orkin Man is on the job, because all of our customers are backed by one of the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees. Check out our pest management services and our industry-specific solutions to find out more about what Orkin can do for you. Orkin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc., (NYSE: ROL).