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#TrashTag: Inspiring Community Cleanup

We’ve all done it. Walked right past a street or sidewalk littered with garbage and thought, “somebody should really clean that up.” Now, thanks to the latest viral challenge, somebody is.

#TrashTag started making the rounds on social media in March 2019, and since that time, it’s inspired a growing movement of people who care about the environment.

Joining the #TrashTag challenge is easy. Participants go outside, pick up trash, and then share before-and-after photos of their efforts. If you search #TrashTag online, you’ll see the surprising results. Thousands have helped clean up parks, beaches, hiking trails, and other areas in their local community that were once covered with trash and litter. 

The transformations taking place for volunteers and the areas they’re cleaning up are truly awe-inspiring. The movement is helping people do something good for themselves, the environment, and their community—not to mention the physical benefits of getting outside and walking around for a few hours. 

When picking up trash in your community make sure you have a plan for disposal, and always recycle what you can. Don’t forget to snap some before-and-after pictures from the event and share them using #TrashTag on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page.