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9 Things to Include in Your Community's Holiday Newsletter

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Clear and open communication with residents is essential to boosting positivity and engagement within any homeowners' association (HOA). A community newsletter is one way for board members to connect with residents and improve transparency. With an HOA newsletter, you can share important announcements, promote community events, and build trust with neighbors.

As the holidays approach, your HOA newsletter is the perfect place to spread cheer and highlight wins and updates from the past year. Here are some HOA newsletter ideas and HOA newsletter topics to include in your upcoming holiday edition.

What’s an HOA Newsletter?

An HOA newsletter is a valuable tool for board members who want to effectively communicate with residents. Essentially, it’s a regular publication board members use to share relevant information with homeowners. HOA newsletters can be distributed in various ways to make them more accessible to community members, including print, email, and digital formats.

As your HOA’s board of directors, you’re responsible for producing and maintaining your community’s newsletter. However, you can also delegate this task to a newsletter committee that can handle content creation and distribution. Remember, a quality HOA newsletter should be:

  • Appealing. You want your newsletter’s layout to be simple and attractive, including cohesive brand elements, pictures, and legible font.
  • Readable. The content in your newsletter needs to be concise and easy to read.
  • Reliable. If it’s going in your newsletter, make sure it’s factual, accurate, and relevant.
  • Uplifting. Keep the tone of your newsletter positive and inclusive by sharing details about fun events or highlighting the good deeds of your homeowners.

Why Send an HOA Newsletter During the Holidays?

The holiday season can be a particularly hectic time of year for many residents. On top of having visitors and hosting events, members are also decorating their homes, getting ready for colder weather, and looking for ways to give back to the community. Your newsletter can provide key tips and resources to help them make the most of the season.

Sending an HOA newsletter during the holidays offers many benefits, including:

  • Promoting a sense of community
  • Providing a reliable and consistent source of information
  • Sharing helpful seasonal tips
  • Celebrating members of the community and their achievements
  • Encouraging involvement with events and volunteer opportunities

Often, homeowners want to do more! Find out how to get homeowners involved in the community by downloading “A Guide To Getting Homeowners Involved In Your Community.”

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9 HOA Newsletter Ideas for the Holidays

As you put together the holiday edition of your newsletter, here are some great seasonal HOA newsletter ideas to consider for your content:

1. An end-of-year or holiday message from the board.

Your HOA newsletter is the ideal platform to share a heartfelt holiday message from the board to homeowners and their families. Spreading the warmth of the holidays and caring sentiments can foster a sense of community and appreciation.

2. Fire safety tips.

Winter is when people enjoy their fireplaces, light cozy candles, and prepare holiday meals, which can all increase the risk of a fire. Sharing fire safety best practices can help residents be cautious.

3. Momentous highlights from the year.

Maybe your association’s fitness center received new equipment, or you revamped the neighborhood picnic area. Spotlight meaningful community milestones and highlight improved homeowner participation and memorable events from the year.

4. Holiday decoration rules reminder.

Now is a good time to remind residents about any HOA rules or regulations for holiday decorations. You want the community to keep up aesthetic standards and celebrate the holidays in a safe and orderly manner.

Rules can be a touchy subject. Keep the season merry by following these 5 HOA holiday best practices.

5. Holiday events information.

If you plan on hosting fun holiday events for homeowners, include the details in your newsletter. In addition to the date and time, you can use the newsletter to hype up the events, explain what people can expect, and post any volunteer opportunities.

6. Special recognition to community volunteers.

A little show of gratitude can go a long way. Recognize standout volunteers, their accomplishments, and how their participation has made a difference in the community. It’s a simple and effective way to keep volunteers engaged and boost future participation.

7. Save-the-date information for important upcoming meetings.

Be sure to include save-the-date details for any important upcoming meetings, like your annual meeting. Annual meetings typically happen at the beginning of the year, and attendance is critically important for meeting quorum. A quick announcement about the annual meeting can be a helpful reminder to get it on homeowners’ calendars.

8. Contact information where members can voice concerns or issues.

Your newsletter is a beneficial communication tool. Let residents know you’re there to listen and provide information on where they can direct questions or concerns to the board. Typically, you can point them to your association’s website or provide a phone number or email to connect directly with board members.

9. Financial or budget end-of-year report.

Homeowners value transparency and are invested in communities when they see how funds are spent. Attaching a summarized end-of-year financial report gives residents a glimpse into how HOA dues impact the quality of living in the community.

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The Top 6 FAQs About HOA Newsletters

These HOA newsletter ideas ensure that residents are informed and engaged this holiday season and beyond. A newsletter is the perfect resource to communicate relevant updates, event details, and community highlights. For more tips and ideas on how to use your association’s newsletter, check out our ebook, “The Top 6 FAQs About Community Newsletters.”