Buy, Eat, Do!

Here are some tips for what's on sale, what's in season and what chores are the smartest this season.


Buy: Colorful houseplants for Valentine's Day, bird seed, organic houseplant fertilizer

Eat: Broccoli, carrots, leeks

Do: Start seeds indoors, repot & feed houseplants, prune shrubs & trees


Buy: Cool season vegetables and annuals, new gardening tools, mulch

Eat: Early strawberries and spinach, asparagus, grapefruit

Do: Cut back perennial foliage and ornamental grasses, prune roses, carefully rake flower beds


Buy: Berry shrubs, perennials, organic fertilizer for the garden

Eat: Fennel, lettuce, rhubarb, spinach, spring onions

Do: Clean up beds & add organic fertilizer, plant summer bulbs


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Bushel and Berry™ is a collection of easy to grow, exceptionally beautiful and delicious berry plants for the home garden. With 7 stunning and easy-to-care-for varieties to choose from, Bushel and Berry™ is revolutionizing the way we bring food to the table. Learn more by visiting

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