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How has The Lee Building Changed Since Partnering with Associa BC?

The Lee Building in Vancouver is a 7-storey, mixed use commercial and residential property built in 1911. While the community functions like a strata, some of the owners are non-strata tenants who are in a common corporation called 175 Management Ltd. Additionally, the council and building manager actively manage maintenance, repairs and any capital projects. These two conditions create unique community management needs.

Over the years, the council had engaged several management companies but were looking for a new partner capable of meeting specialized accounting needs, providing reports, and managing communications and data storage. The council issued RFPs to a select group of community management firms, including Associa.


Even in the pre–interview short list selection process our council was so impressed with Associa’s inquiries that went beyond our work scope outline that they made us ask ourselves an important question: what additional services might help us beyond our present needs? This led the council to seriously consider our possible future needs, including engaging Associa on an ongoing basis to complement work currently handled by the council and/or the building manager. With no prior knowledge of the company, the council selected Associa as its partner in the management of the Lee Building because of the scope of services offered, owner web site, specialized support staff, leadership, and expertise.

Some council members were initially concerned that a large management company may not be as responsive or committed as some smaller companies claimed to be. But we’ve experienced the exact opposite with Associa - we have asked for changes in reports, accounting procedures and owners statements and all requests were not only considered but fulfilled with a welcoming attitude that said, “we want to provide the services you, the client, want.”

Like all councils, we were concerned about the long-term relationship with yet another management company. We now have confidence that Associa is going to be the long-term management partner we have been looking for.


-Phil Russell

  President, 175 Management Ltd.