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Congratulations to Community Manager, Maria Vaccaro!

Community Manager, Maria Vaccaro, received a glowing testimonial from homeowners, Gene and Tricia:

“As meticulous homeowners for over 30 years, my husband and I have weathered it all. From town permits, home renovations, to gardening, we pride ourselves on making a house a home. But, when we moved to Paramount Escapes (our first retirement community), it was quite an adjustment. By and large, the residents here contend with rules and statutes that promote a sense of uniformity. It's warranted, yet easy to feel boxed-in by restrictions. Then, Maria came along to quell our worries and surpass our expectations.

Maria resolved our HOA discrepancies (emailing us 'request for automatic payment of assessments and payment options forms') as well as following up our final steps for our patio.  She was always one step ahead, quick to respond, and documented all of our conversations via email.  No hiccups, just smooth sailing for our Jersey Shore abode.  She is calm, informative, and listens intently – that’s why we never had to wait or wonder if progress would happen.  On her watch, community management is a 24/7 job, and Maria clearly doesn’t waste a second.  Thank you for turning the tide, extending your professionalism, and showing care in everything you do.

~ Gene & Tricia”