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Top Tech Solutions Every HOA Should Have

The top 6 tech solutions every HOA should have include: 1. communication tool, 2. digital voting app, 3. virtual meeting platform, 4. electronic voting, and more.

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To be an effective leader in your homeowners’ association (HOA), it’s important to be open to new technologies and software. In our day and age, there are many digital solutions your HOA can leverage to simplify communication, increase security, boost homeowner participation and satisfaction, and help your community be successful in all aspects of business.

At Associa, our team has stayed on top of innovative technology for decades to improve community management and enhance the overall resident experience. To help you be as efficient as possible, here’s our insider’s guide to the six essential tech solutions every HOA needs to adopt.

While a communication tool, virtual meeting platform, and document storage software are our top recommendations, download the ebook now to learn more about these and the other tech you should be employing.