How to Succeed with Your Community Management Company

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5. ELIMINATE HIDDEN AGENDAS. One of the most common board errors is members using their position to carry out personal agendas. An HOA is a non-profit corporation designed to run as a business. That means leaders have a duty to act in the best interest of the association—not themselves. It's part of a board member's fiduciary duty to separate themselves from any personal views and conflicts, as they can get in the way of making the right choice for the community and disrupt management's role. Decisions should always be fair, consistent, and based on standard practices rather than emotional opinions and preferences. 6. IMPLEMENT COMMUNICATION PROCESSES. Strong communication is the foundation of strong communities. To ensure quality communication, the board should determine the primary liaison, the frequency of formal communication, and the means of communication. Establishing an explicit communications process and system with the management staff holds both groups accountable and limits misunderstandings and disappointment.

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