7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked HOA Questions

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ANSWERING COMMON HOA QUESTIONS A growing number of families in the United States belong to a homeowners' association (HOA). In fact, the number of HOA communities has grown over 200% since 1970, according to the Community Associations Institute (CAI). For homebuyers who have never belonged to an HOA, joining a managed community can be an overwhelming experience. We created this ebook to provide simple, straightforward answers to the most common questions our community association professionals receive. Whether you're brand new to HOAs or you're a board member answering questions, this ebook can help you provide helpful answers to the following questions: 1. WHAT IS A HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION? 2. HOW MUCH WILL AN HOA CHARGE ME EVERY MONTH? 3. DO I HAVE TO PAY EVEN IF I DON'T USE THE COMMON AREAS? 4. WILL HOA FEES AFFECT HOW MUCH I CAN BORROW? 5. WHAT KIND OF THINGS CAN AN HOA REGULATE? 6. WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON'T PAY OR IF I BREAK THE RULES? 7. HOW DO HOA BOARDS ENFORCE THE RULES?

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