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Associa Mexico & Casa Hogar Community Event

I believe one thing we all have in common at Associa is the passion to serve. On January 18, the world celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He has many worthy quotes to mention, however being part of the community association management industry, this quote suits us well: "What are you doing for others?" 


Being a small branch under the very large Associa company does not mean we are different from our medium to large branches. I believe that the company's values are significantly strong, you can feel the difference in our people, and we attract like-minded folks and like-minded clients. This is why the passion for serving others is naturally an essential piece of being part of the Associa Family. 


At Associa Mexico, we have made a personal commitment to do something for the community on a bi-monthly basis. This last event was held on January 15 for the children at the local children's home here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, called Casa Hogar ( We had a field day, barbeque, and movie night for the 31 residents. It was truly a day of laughter and fun. The staff members at Casa Hogar assisted us, and kudos to them, as you can feel they also have a passion for serving others in every move they make! 


This particular event was almost canceled due to COVID-19 challenges; however, a few team members and Associa Mexico vendor partners managed to keep their commitment and come out. Volunteers included Associa Mexico Vice President, Lisa O'Neill (, and vendor partner, Sandra Castaneda of Corp Travel Alliance Group ( 


If you would like to donate to the amazing group at Casa Hogar, please visit their website for more information. 


Melissa Eisenman 

Business Development Manager 

Associa Mexico