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We’re a Certified Great Place to Work®! But, Let’s Look Beyond the Numbers.

As Associa’s Chief Human Resources Officer, one of my primary roles is ensuring that the company’s pillars are reflected throughout the organization; specifically our first pillar, employee morale. Employee morale is followed by client retention, client growth and finally, profitability. And for us, order matters: we know that the key to achieving success in a service-based business rests on our ability to engage our employees at all levels.

Working at Associa, I see examples of Associa being a great place to work every day, but I am proud that these examples have now been recognized more formally. Associa has been certified as a 2017 great workplace by the independent analysts at the Great Place to Work® institute. We earned this credential based on the feedback of our employees which they provided through an extensive survey process. One of the most significant findings that came from the survey is that 72 percent of our employees believe their workplace is great. This one statistic means that not only are our employees happy, but that our efforts to deliver a positive employee experience are being felt throughout the organization.

The research* also uncovered that we are not only delivering on our promise to encourage high employee morale, but that our employees are also living out Associa’s values of family spirit, customer service, integrity & accountability, loyalty and innovation & improvement:

  • 82 percent say that people care about each other at work
  • 82 percent say they can be themselves at Associa
  • 81 percent say that management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders
  • 89 percent say that they often, almost always or sometimes experience great challenges

70 percent say that they often or almost always experience a great atmosphere

The report from the Great Place to Work® institute details our community and environmental impact, work-life balance and diversity and goes on to highlight our special programs like Associa University, which gives every member of the Associa family access to personal and professional development opportunities. Our initiatives for giving back, such as Associa Cares, Associa Green and Associa Supports Kids were also mentioned.

The report is an enlightening one — full of key information, facts and figures about the company, but there are some things that the numbers can’t show, like the impact these stats have on our fellow team members and our clients — the joy of working alongside team members who truly exhibit family spirit; the excitement clients feel when we host local National Night Out events to help raise awareness and curb crime in their community; or the relief families experience when they receive much-needed assistance from Associa Cares after a natural disaster.  

It’s truly our employees, our Associa family, who make Associa a great place to work. We appreciate every employee’s feedback and we’re very grateful that we’ve received this honor. For more statistics and information about working at Associa, click here to read the complete report.

*The review is based on 995 employee surveys, with a 90% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 2.29. 

About the Author

As Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Chelle is responsible for leading the company’s human resources functions, overseeing talent management, managing internal communications, and coordinating employee benefits. Her career has focused on multiple aspects of communication, including change management and employee development. Her expertise is in simplifying and translating strategy and tactical information in a way to be easily understood and acted upon.

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