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5 Star Champion: Kathryn Hines

Each month we feature five winners and connect their stories to the 5 Star principle they best represent. 

Nomination by Matthew Resler: I wanted to take a moment and highlight our Community Manager Kathryn Hines and the commitment she brings to the Manzanita Community and Associa. Recently, Kathryn was presented with a humbling experience. Last year, she was asked to attend a meeting at the Northeast Area Command station which included professors at UNLV and other public safety entities in Las Vegas. That meeting focused on the PIVOT team that was created to tackle major crime areas in the Las Vegas Valley. At the time, the Manzanita community was a strong area of focus for crime. Kathryn was asked to speak on the improvements that had been made. She was informed that there was a study being presented in Australia that was based off Manzanita and the surrounding area.

Moving forward to today, she was asked by the Captain to speak once again, but this time to the Multicultural Committee of Las Vegas, and provide testimony as to the work of herself and the PIVOT team. This involved Commissioner Kirkpatrick, Metro, the FBI and all the other entities who wanted to turn Manzanita from a high-profile crime area to not even being on the radar in under 2 years. This was accomplished, and Kathryn Hines was personally thanked by Sherriff Lombardo for her dedication she put into this change.

Today, Manzanita is stabilized, and now they have asked for Kathryn to work with Parole & Probation as well as the Harbor and Gang Intervention team She will start attending the First Tuesday meetings monthly at the police station, as well as Commissioner Kirkpatrick’s Pathways for Poverty meetings.  The Captain stated that the complaints 2 years ago were daily shootings as well as gang and drug activity,  and now in 2020 the resident’s biggest complaints are people parking in their parking space. The changes made by Kathryn Hines to Manzanita not only changed the dynamics of this property, but also the surrounding areas of the community. We are sincerely proud of Kathryn and her accomplishments and look forward to continued progress at Manzanita.

5 Star Principle: Own the Resolution