The 9 Question Template for Creating a Bulletproof Collections Policy

December 1, 2017

Balancing Fairness and Finances in Your Community 

Serving as a board member sometimes comes with conflicting goals: you're entrusted with acting in the community's best interest, but you also want to maintain positive relationships with your neighbors. Situations where the board must take collections actions on a homeowner who's delinquent in their assessment payments is a clear example of this balancing act. 

That's why a documented collections policy is so important, and this template is designed to help you create one that's specific to your community. By going through this process, you'll once-and-for-all address issues like:

  • Late fees
  • Payment plans
  • Repeat offenders
  • And more

Read the template and begin ending the HOA collections chaos in your community today!

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