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What to do When An HOA Board Candidate Has Been Delinquent

Warren Delinquent .jpgMany associations are currently preparing to elect new board members. One factor that may influence the decision to have someone serve on the community association board is whether the person has been delinquent on paying their assessments. But, how do you find this information?

In a recent article on, Associa’s Vice President of Education, Debra Warren, provides insight about reviewing a board candidate’s payment history.

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An reader has asked whether members have a right to see the assessment payment history of other members, calling it important when voting for board members. Generally, the answer is no, that members shouldn't have access to that private information.

However, here we'll address the election portion of the reader's question: What's a board to do when a candidate has been chronically delinquent or is delinquent, and the governing documents are silent on whether that's a disqualifier for a board position?

Who Can Review Payment Histories?

How you handle an owner's request to see other owners' payment histories, including that for candidates for board positions, will be governed by your state law ... click here to read the full article on>>