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Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day


By Clare Miers

Father’s Day could use a little more creativity, steering away from another bottle of after-shave or a tie. Put a little more time and thought into dear ol’ dad’s gift this year. Think about something he loves and work up a fun day dedicated to it.

If that “something” is enjoying a good meal, plan a brunch table set with his favorite “feast.” Grill his favorite burger and perhaps go German with a beer served in a stein. Set the table using brown or earth tones and masculine themes. Use another stein to drop some deep orange roses in for a centerpiece. Go all out with every detail.

Just for dad

Show your father that you love him with these unique ideas:

  • Book a tee time at his local golf course or reserve a pool table and deliver the invitation with a note tied to a bottle of spirits.
  • You booked your mother a spa day — why not send dad in for a day of pampering treatments that range from a soothing shave to a golf-themed massage?
  • Pick movies you know your father will love. Invite family and friends ahead of time and arrange the room so there is plenty of theater seating. Create a concession stand or bar area, buy every candy you can think of, and make fresh popcorn. Turn down the lights and create a preview that includes a video message from the family dedicated to Dad.

Group activities make for good times on Father’s Day. Plan something memorable and be sure to get the anticipation going with a unique and themed invitation to the events.