The Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016

MKTG-16-1313_top 10 blog post graphic.jpgAs North America’s largest community association management company, we strive to provide the most useful resources to board members and homeowners. We share content about home maintenance, gardening, community trends and more, but when it comes to what you, our readers, enjoy the most, it’s the articles that teach you how to better serve your community. Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted partner when it comes to finding resources to help support you as a board member and strengthen your community. You can look forward to even more useful articles from our experts and partners to help you achieve your community’s goals in 2017.

For now, catch up on the most popular community association management posts from 2016 below!

  1. Done by Dinner: How to Conduct a (Meaningful) Board Meeting in Under an Hour (with Downloadable Templates!)

  2. The New Overtime Rule Will Have a Major Impact on Your Community Association. Are You Prepared?

  3. Here’s Why Your Community Association Funds are at Risk of Being Defrauded

  4. 5 Places to Find Your Community Association’s Governing Documents

  5. 5 Things to Do If You Want to Be an Outstanding HOA Board Member

  6. Conflicting Information in Your HOA? Find Out Which Governing Documents Take Precedence.

  7. The Truth about HOAs: Don’t Blame Governing Documents, Blame Inconsistent Enforcement

  8. Squatters in HOAs: Can Anything Be Done?

  9. No Rest for the Weary: Let's Call It a Night on Night Board Meetings

  10. Can Your HOA Prohibit Flag Display?



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