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The Problem with Strict HOA Rules? Greg Smith Answers on


Enforcement_Smith.jpgThis abridged article is republished, with permission, from

Greg Smith, shared his expertise with readers.


An reader writes, "In 2009, we amended our decs to comply with [Colorado law] as well as to limit the number of short-term rentals—due to a unit that was going to be sold and 'fractionalized.' The short-term restriction is explicit in the docs. Each owner is allowed four short-term rentals (less than 30 days) per calendar year. This would allow homeowners to cover their quarterly dues during a downturn in the market.

"We live in a ski resort community, but our 16-unit HOA is residential with primary and second homeowners. We haven't enforced this short-term rental restriction before now. There's only one flagrant violator. He lists on VRBO. This spring, when a suspected renter was identified, the owner …contnue reading at


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