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The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Neighbor


There’s an art to being a good neighbor. But just like anything else in life, it takes time to master the art of neighbor-etiquette. Should you invite the entire block or floor to your next house party? Is it right to borrow tools from friends? Follow these do's and don’ts with your neighbors and see if you can turn polite encounters into lasting friendships.


Neighbor etiquette tips

Do get to know your neighbor’s names and take the initiative to give a friendly wave or approach them for conversation when you see them.

Don’t peek through the blinds to see what your neighbors are up to.

Do keep your entrance, yard, and exterior of your home appealing and clutter-free.

Don’t leave holiday decorations up for a prolonged period of time.

Don’t play loud music or have noisy parties into the late hours of the night.

Do invite your neighbors to your parties and try to host a neighborhood get-together or barbeque at least once a year.

Don’t let your pets wander freely through the neighborhood without you around.

Do carry bags to clean up after your pet, even if it’s in your front yard.

Don’t be afraid to ask neighbor’s advice about hobbies, gardening, or home maintenance.

Do talk to your neighbors before purchasing items like fences, landscaping services, and sprinkler systems — you may benefit from sharing the cost of upgrades and labor.

Don’t hesitate to invite neighbors over to your home for dinner or drinks.

Do return all borrowed items quickly and with gratitude.