Need a Relaxing Retreat at Home? Try This.


By Lisa Martin

Celebrate National Hammock Day (July 22) by kicking back on America’s most-loved piece of casual furniture.“It is, in essence, your own personal relaxation station,” says Frank Rabey, spokesman for the North Carolina-based The Hammock Source, which makes and sells a range of swinging seats. Rabey preaches the glories of “giving into the sway.” (Share the splendor of a romantic sunset in a two-person hammock.)

Plus, hammocks no longer have to anchor between two sturdy trees. These freestanding models come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, meaning you can find the perfect hammock for the porch, patio, or even the living room.

Choosing hammock support

The best of the “arc”-shaped, freestanding frames include:

For the hammock itself, consider:

  • Quick-dry, rot- and mildew-resistant fabrics
  • DuraCord yarns with ultraviolet inhibitors to foil the sun’s rays
  • Super-soft, French-braided, heavy-duty cotton

Non-traditional hammocks

For a twist on tradition:

  • “Our new Swingasan Chair, which you can hang on a stand or not, is really a stylish swinging chair that has generated a huge response” says Aimee Beatty, in-house stylist for Pier 1 Imports. (The rust-resistant piece is made of iron and plastic rattan.)
  • For a more mod look, try the Kettal Maia Egg Swing Chair, made of polyester-coated aluminum on an A-frame stand.

Need a portable option as extra party seating? Check out inexpensive options at Lowes, Target and Want to convert your arc frame into a more portable piece? Add a wheel kit!

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