Discover the latest in Community Management at Chicagoland Cooperator’s Fall Expo

Cooperator_for_BlogChicagoland Cooperator’s Fall Expo is a day-long event designed to bring community association board members together to learn what’s new in community management.

This event is always a great opportunity for board members to take seminars taught by industry experts on new laws and changes that may affect your association and to discover best practices and get advice from fellow board members from across the country.

On Wednesday, November 18th, not only will Associa Chicagoland be available to meet with board members as an exhibitor during the show at booths 200 and 202, but we’ll also be hosting a seminar where we’ll show you how annual planning can save your association time and money.

The most successful boards know that having a game plan can truly make all of our lives easier and my colleague, Donna Ciota, and I will be sharing our favorite success stories and tips on how you can apply these findings to your community association.

Here are a few items you’ll learn by attending our session:

  • The importance of preventative maintenance: Did you realize that even though there is a cost for the service, regular preventative maintenance visits can extend the life of mechanical items and other association property and can actually save the community money? These visits also minimize the risk of having to pay for costly emergency maintenance issues.
  • How to form a winning team: Your Community Manager is your coach and your team is your professionals — including your building engineer, HVAC contractor and plumbers. We’ll teach you how to make sure all of your team members are working together to keep the fans, or homeowners, happy.
  • How to be a meeting master: Once you determine your plans for preventative maintenance and other projects, the timeline on when you actually need to meet to make decisions become much clearer, so choosing meeting dates is last on the list for creating your annual calendar. Having a detailed calendar means that you can meet less frequently and choose meeting times to maximize the business you can complete at each meeting and we’ll show you how to do it.

This is just a sample of what we’ll be sharing in our seminar. Plus, we’ll be providing templates and checklists so that you have everything you need to successfully create your community association’s annual calendar. 

Are you attending Chicagoland Cooperator’s Fall Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apt. Expo? Join our Facebook event page to get the latest from the team!


DSC_01544.jpgLea Marcou, CMCA, AMS, has been in customer service for over 15 years. Since starting with Associa Chicagoland in 2008 she has worked with a diverse portfolio of properties while continuing her professional development.

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